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Pet Type : Birds

Pet Breed : Macaw

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Pets Current Age : Chicks and Adults

Body Length: 30 cm (11 inches)

Body Weight: 129 – 126 grams

Age of Sexual Maturity: 2 – 10 years

Maximum Lifespan: 50 years

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Macaws are known as the giants of the parrot world. The hyacinth macaw is the longest parrot, with a head to tail length of nearly 40 inches. Macaws have long tail feathers as well as big beaks. Macaw adaptations include large, curved, powerful beaks designed to crack open hard nuts and seeds. These parrots have a long, streamlined physique and colorful feathering, ranging from the hyacinth macaw’s hyacinth blue to the scarlet macaw’s scarlet red coloring. Some macaw species have bare facial patches. Buy Macaw Online from Silver line breeders.


Macaws are informally classified into two groups: large macaws and mini macaws. The large macaws include those of the AraAnodorhynchus, and Cyanopsitta genera. This “blue macaws” group includes the hyacinth, along with the critically endangered Lear’s macaw and Spix’s macaw. The mini macaws are much smaller and include those from the genera Diopsittaca, Orthopsittaca, and Primolius. Buy Macaw Online


Macaws are native to the southern portion of North America (Mexico) plus Central America and South America. Evidence shows that the Caribbean also had native macaw species, which are now extinct, such as the Cuban macaw (Ara tricolor) and the Saint Croix macaw (Ara autochthones). They inhabit rainforests, as well as grasslands and grassy woodland-type areas. Macaws, and other parrot species, native to the Amazon basin, such as Peru, have been observed eating from clay licks (clay at exposed river bank), which researchers believe is a way for the parrots to neutralize toxins found in some of the foods they consume in the wild. Buy Macaw Online.


A macaw needs a cage tall enough to prevent its tail feathers from hitting the cage bottom, which can cause the tail feathers to bend or break. Overall, a macaw needs a much larger cage and play stand than other parrot species, so a potential owner should take space considerations into account.


Large macaws have equally large vocalizations, and their squawks and screeches can be quite loud and ear piercing. A potential macaw owner needs to take a macaw’s large sound into consideration, especially if he or she lives in an apartment and/or has nearby neighbors. Macaws can be taught to talk and they might also be inclined to whistle or to imitate sounds and noises they hear inside and outside the home.


Would a macaw be a good pet? That depends on you. Adding a macaw to your family means considering if you have the room, the time, the personality, and other factors that make a macaw a good companion for you. Because macaws need spacious accommodations and are long-lived, adding a macaw to the family needs to be thoroughly thought through.

Macaws are most likely to be sold in avian-specialty stores or from bird breeders. They are also sometimes available for adoption from avian rescue organizations. You can buy Macaw online now from us.


Macaws need much more room than a cage will provide to explore, spread their wings, and be mentally and physically healthy. Unless you have a free-flight aviary as its enclosure, plan on your macaw spending more time outside of its cage than in it. Birds are flock species and are also very affectionate, so they require at least 2 to 4 hours of attention from their owners or another bird to be happy. Buy Macaw Online NOW.



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